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Power In One Hour – Focusing On Your Dreams Once A Day

For the last couple months, I have been talking about Power In One Hour on social media and how it can really change your business life. There was not a day in my life prior to doing this that I did not feel like my plate was pilled on with projects and I was treading water trying to get everything accomplished. Utilizing day designation, batch system and theme week really do help me knock things out, but there are still moments things would fill like it creating a pile and nothing was happening.

Concept Of Power In One Hour

This is not some new concept for people, some people do 50 minutes of laser focus or things of that nature. However, I felt that even doing that I was not achieving what I wanted for my business. By tying my day designation with power in one hour I was able to really see traction happen with my business by merging the two together.

Mini Goals

One the biggest things two do its create mini goals for your business that you are working to. At the start of month you would pull out your Goals For This Month sheet and write your five goals for this month. Once a month you should sit down and know how your yearly goals are aligning with your quarterly and monthly goals. Then you will use power in one hour one day of week to create mini goals for the week. That way you can attack your goals and plans without feeling like you’re lost trying to achieve your goals.

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Hour Designation

So, in recent months I have been working on a secret project that only four of my friends know about. Prior to sharing with them only I knew I was working on it. One day, I was sitting there working on that project plus doing a bible study; Open Your Bible, watching a North Point Ministries video and studying the bible all in one sitting. All the task kinda aligned but I feel like I was not really true invested in them by multitasking. So, from that day forth I set an alarm on my phone the goes off at 1opm and 11pm. It reminds me its the hour to focus on my side project. My side project never gets worked on during business hours. In addition to that, I try not to work on it on weekends and just breathe.

As mentioned, above I started working on a side project that I work on at night time. One of the first things I did was look at how can I break down the goals into smaller goals to keep me focused in aligned. Designating an hour a week to review your goals helps you understand what you’re moving towards. So many times, we get lost in all the things we are doing.

Power in one hour is designed to help you elevate your work level and really start achieving things in your business. If you combine day designation, batch system or theme week it will enhance what you were already doing. Its about committing to achieving your dreams.

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