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Creating Winning Black Friday Marketing Strategy

As of today, we are roughly 21 days away from Black Friday the true market of holiday season for a majority of retailers and much more. One thing, that is stated year after year is Black Friday is the day that brings in millions of dollars for companies in one single day. Is it possible for you as a business owner to get a slice of the pie? Yes, very much so. Last November specifically Black Friday weekend I brought in $7,500 dollars from digital sales

Create A Solid Sales Plan

If you have not decided on what you will be doing for Black Friday and that weekend sit down after reading this and make your plans. So many times, we wing things and want results of people who have been planning things out for months to years in advance. First, is determining exactly what you want to make that day. If you have a growing audience that has been inching to try your products or services there is a high chance that you can double or triple your normal sales goal for the month.

Please note if you are a product based company its important that you actually have the product on hand. Customers do not want to wait weeks on weeks to receive items. Even if you are a handmade product customers. Make sure your top sellers are in stock no waiting.

Determine Your Actual Sale

Now that you know what you want to make that weekend, determine how you will make that money through your actual sale. In the last two years, I have heard on social media and from friends they are tired of these bogus sales that retailers and small business owners are doing. No one cares for 15% off  or free shipping when you run that sale all the time. Its time to go all out and make sure you achieve your sales goal correctly. I have done several sales but in A/B testing all my sales I know which one really brings in sales back to back. So those are the sales I will be running.

4 Ways to create a winning black friday marketing strategy that lands you sales all throughout the weekend. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #blackfriday #marketing

Design Marketing Material

Your marketing material for your Black Friday sale needs to create action with your audience to act immediately not debate if they will be showing or not. Since you know your plan for the holiday season, you know how much you want to make and you have determine the sale next is designing the graphics. You need call to action banners for your website, social media and newsletter campaigns. You want to make sure you hit everyone that comes across you that weekend.

No Need To Compete

Don’t feel that you need to compete with other brands small or large this weekend. You are running your own race. This is something I harper with my consulting clients all the time. They need to focus on their business and their unique proposition that makes their customers come back each and every time.

Don’t try to just wing it this holiday season with your plans, goals and more. You need to sit down and actually prepare yourself that way you don’t feel overwhelmed with everything going on. Black Friday can be an excellent day for your business.

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