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Utilizing Social Media As An Extension Of Your Website

Selecting the right social media profiles for your small business can be extremely confusing & overwhelming especially since there are over 300 social networks. The most popular platforms are; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+ & Pinterest just to name a few of them.

The great thing about social media they can be utilized as extension of your website to help you grow your business. One the first things you will need to do is pick three platforms that align with your personality, your brand and you can manage on your own. Yes, you can always select more platforms to use but it’s about being consistent with these channels. Hence, starting small then growing when you can. As a business owner, its better to be one’s you actually love & want to engage on verses hoping on each one only to abandon them later.
Some experts say if you are not on certain platforms you will miss your target audience member. I personally believe you won’t miss your target audience if you are not on a particular one. I have had customers and followers say they were using so and so platform much until you started posted to it. Your audience will find you right where you are.
Once you find the platforms do these things
  • Establish a posting schedule you can keep
  • Determine what your brand aesthetic is.
  • Know how you will communicate to your audience.
  • Know what you want to achieve by being on each platform.

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These four things can help you navigate social media so much easier than running around to figure out what you want to achieve. In my, Twitter 101 For Small Business I mention the importance of knowing the platform is designed for conversation. You are either creating the conversation or jumping into the conversation. Funny people have tweeted me the day before or the day of things like the debate asking will I be live tweeting. My audience wants my thoughts on that platform.
Your social media platforms are not just about selling your products or services. You are utilizing your social media as an extension of your website. Provide insight, show your personal life, curate a lifestyle. Make your audience and future audience opt in to who you are by what they are seeing and reading. Answer questions or concerns that they might have. This is a great way to tackle FAQ you might be receiving. Even a great way to use your social media as an extension is revealing your new line, digital product or service on there first.
Social media is a beautiful tool when used correctly. Especially for small business owners no matter the size of town they live in they can reach people are the global or they can use to grow their brand locally. If you are needing a social media planner, I have one that you can use.
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