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Best Plugins For Selling Digital Products On WordPress

If you have joined the thousands selling digital products online you are constantly looking for ways to improve your customers purchasing experience and making it easier for your business. Most people assume once you upload your product online that your done and the passive income will roll in. Nope, sorry there is some more work that you need to do and today I want to share several plugins for selling digital products on WordPress.

Woo Commerce

If you are selling on WordPress there are a couple options for ecommerce plugins. Personally, I love using Woo commerce not because its free but mainly because of all the integration options you have and the easy set up. When clients are launching we tend to launch them on WordPress. Simple upload of plugin and set up for your account.

Woo Commerce Pre Order

Before finding this plugin I did all my pre orders on Gumroad. There is nothing with that per se. This gave my company multiple options for selling digital products on. However, I was not able to really capture the anayltics of what this meant for company sells unlike being on one website.

Five of my favorite plugins for selling digital products on wordpress. | Imperfect Concepts #Wordpress #plugins #websitedesign #smallbusiness

Woo Commerce Subscription

This is a plugin that I will start using later this year to help my company have a membership based website. Customers will be able to purchase different subscriptions to your website. I have seen people uses subscription plugins for libraries, webinars, academy’s and more. There are a plethora of options when it comes to subscription plugins. One thing I noticed some where single license and others were you paid yearly. Do research.

No Right Click Copyright

One the most important things I have learned in the last two years is protect my content from thieves. Especially the content I put out for free. If you are using a blog to build your expertise to expand your business and bring in customers its important you protect this content. A couple years ago, a couple people were copying my blog post word for word. Even stealing the graphics. Insert blank face emoji face. This tool helps me protect the free content I put out.

Woo Commerce Stamp

This is a great tool if you want to mark each page of your product with a custom stamp. Helping you with copyright and people infringing on sharing your documents. Each page will be stamped with a watermark that you create. When designing your watermark mark sure that the watermark does not interfere with your content.

You can use an assortment of plugins to sell digital products on wordpress. One of the things I tend to make sure to do before investing money in plugins because they can be pretty pricey is do research. There are a plethora of blogs with articles on the subject. All the plugins I purchased were from a reseller and I contacted them first. If you’re looking for other platforms to sell your product on you can check out these 13 Website helping you sell digital products for your small business.

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