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Finding Your Tribe In Competitive World

In August, I left a very popular Facebook private group for women entrepreneurs. When I first joined it they were sweet, kind and more. Then I noticed an underlying theme. If you were a minority they rarely responded to your questions in the group. They virtually ignored your need for help. Second, if you were not a popular person in the group they ignored you. Finally, they were competitive but would try to hide it. 

See numerous times I would see someone post about plans to launch a digital product or write a blog series on a subject. Then suddenly someone would launch the exact product within weeks before you launched. Or better yet they would undermine each other post.

So, finding your tribe in a competitive world that only believes in women in empowerment when it benefits them is hard for some. Today, I want to introduce you to my tribe and tell you why I love that I am surrounded by them.

Brandi of Brandi Howard Law Education For Entrepreneurs 

Funny thing, I met Brandi because of someone else in my tribe, Tiffany. Back then Imperfect Concepts was an online resale boutique and Tiffany was the first blogger to allow me to advertise on their platform. Brandi was in law school when I met her. In recent years, we have grown closer and she has been instrumental in the success my company growing by providing valuable legal advice.

Katrice of The Atlanta Tribune 

If you know Katrice you know she never leads with that she is the editor of The Atlanta Tribune. To me, she is leader of live greater movement by knowing what makes your heart sings. We connected via social media and then I moved to Atlanta. What is crazy our friendship grew deeper when I moved back to Texas. She is a woman with true wisdom and insight. She tigthens me up with her tweets when I see them.

Sharing why having a tribe of friends is imperative when running a small business. | Imperfect Concepts #FindYourTribe

Tiffany of T+J Designs 

Is one of my favorite people honestly. She is bubble, happy and genuinely wants others around her to succeed. Tiffany and I’s relationship started off me reading her blog, then advertising and then bonding over us having businesses. Tiffany and Jen just celebrated fours of business. To see them expand their jewelry line to full on clothing company too is amazing and motivating me to know where you can start.

Jae of Push, Pray and Grind 

We have seen each other through moves across county and hard life moments. One thing that makes me love her hard is she is a living testament of what can happen when you put your mind to it and not let society tell you what your life is going to be. I remember almost four years ago when she shared the story about being a kid wishing she could live in Japan. Guess, where she has lived off and on for the last three years, Japan.

Kristen of Style With Lily Kai

We have the most loving relationship out of everyone in my tribe. I have literally broken down on the phone crying talking to her about the struggles of life and business. She has been there in the last year cheering me on to stretch further when it comes to my business. Providing critical advise that others would be scared to tell a friend. In the last couple months I have seen her grown more in the last four years that I have known her.

Amy of CJW Designs

I met her a couple years ago. For awhile, I had this itch to visit Portland way before meeting her. Then all of a sudden this amazing spirit of a women came into my life because of social media; instagram to be specific. There will be days I am not feeling and all of a sudden there is a text from Amy with a beautiful prayer.

These are just some of the amazing women in the group. Trust my tribe is nicely rounded out with friends like Erica and Erica neither of them have businesses but support everything I do.

Honestly, my tribe has changed in the last few years for reason I will delve into later. However, being surrounded by people who genuinely get and root for you is amazing. We don’t compete with each other we are more likely to push their products or services before we push our owns. This is why I created The Power of 10 Network to help others harneast their tribe of people who is there for them.

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