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Establishing A Better Contact Form For Your Website

Too many times as small business owners, we overlook things like the contact page. We brush it off as just a form. That’s it, there’s nothing else special about it. No need to make sure things work after it has been established. Once our sites are live and the contact page is good, we leave it at that for the remainder of the time our website is up. Well today, I want to discuss why the contact page is one the most important pages after your “product/service” page and your About page. 

When Imperfect Concepts was a resale boutique, there was a point in which it’s contact form was broken. Meaning the code that kept the page together just stopped working all together. Someone tweeted me saying that they tried to email via the form but it didn’t work, and then they asked what other way could they contact me. I immediately went to my site to see what was wrong, lo and behold she was correct. Even if you have a template or an actual form, the code on your site can become broken at any given moment. There was nothing I did on my part per se, to make it stop working. This mishap taught me the importance of the contact page.

How many important emails did I miss? There are so many questions that raced through my head in less than five minutes. The overall feel of a contact page can be very bland. A simple old form, that’s it. It’s time to step it up.

Add Information

Write a couple of sentences about how much you would love to hear from your audience, potential customers, sponsors, and others. Let them know you are interested in connecting with them. Next, provide an email they can reach you at. You can even say something witty like, “We understand you’re not a contact form kind of person, so feel free to email us directly at (insert email address).”

Updating your contact form on your website to ensure a wow factor. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #BusinessAdvice

Insert Photography or Graphics

You know the recommendation of “adding a pop of color” to your outfit? Well, putting photography or graphics on your contact page adds a little jazz to it. It’s adds another dimension to your page. On IC’s contact page there is a collage of images. I use the same style of collage as header images on various social media pages. This is giving a little personality to what would just be a normal boring page.

Good example of adding extra pop to a contact page. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness #Website #ContactPage

Social Media Sharing

We currently have a floating bar on this website. No matter the page, the social media options are displayed. This is a great way for people to immediately connect with the brand. If you don’t have a floating bar similar to the one on here, I suggest adding a section that says, “Let’s Connect” or “Tweet Me & Start A Conversation”. Make sure you link your various social media profiles not just the platform url.

New people are going to have questions and want to get in contact with you. Adding all these things to your website adds an additional level of trust to your audience. One of the things I suggest in, Monthly Focus Small Business Owner’s Guide, is that you check your website pages monthly. This prevents negligence of issues happening on your website.

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