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4 Easy Steps To Obtaining New Clients

Awhile back, I was talking to my client Brittney, owner of Oh Honey Skincare, on how she could grow her business. I shared with her a lesson on how you learn to catch a fish. It’s one of the best illustrations for turning existing audience members on social media into new clients.

If you have more than 30 followers on social media, that engage you, you’re winning! Their what it takes to build your company.

Entice Them

As a business owner, you should be engaging your audience as often as possible, on all of the platforms you’re on. There is not a day that goes by that I’m not sharing content on social media with my audience. Social media is a tool people fail to utilize correctly on a DAILY basis. I see people who have serious potential fail in this realm of connecting. They are more focused on selling, instead of, manifesting a lifestyle. From following my businesses on social media, you can clearly see it’s about the lifestyle of being a business owner. I entice my audience by showing them what it is I do daily. Tweeting about consultations and showing the creation of new digital products such as, “The Power of 10 Network“.

Hook ‘Em

While you’re curating the lifestyle your clients want, you will have the opportunity to hook them. When Kimora’s “Life In The Fab Lane” was on, it made me want an empire. Not just her closet, even though her closet is amazing, but I wanted the life and status she had obtained through working so hard. Give your audience a reason to come back to your social media or website, daily. Hook them with the content, visual imagery, and any other business strategies you possess. Anytime I go to T+J Design’s social media, especially Instagram, I want to buy jewelry or one of their sweatshirts. They have hooked me as a customer; following them on every social media platform.

Turn your existing audience members into loyal customers who support you monthly. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #service

Reel Them In

Now that you have your audience sincerely engaged, it’s time to reel them in. If you have a new product or service launching, beta test the information with your audience. Share the actual product for preorder or presale. At this point, the fish has swam around the bait, but the difference now is that the fish sees it’s not going anywhere. So they bite down. You’ve now sold your audience by showing them who your business is and the life they could have with this product or service in their life. Brittney of, “Oh Honey Skincare”, can show before and after’s of her products on various customers. This is one way to reel people into purchasing your products. They see the results your clients have had with using your product. When I see someone wearing a Chanel and Champagne, from T+J Design’s, it immediately makes me want it even more.

Serve Them Up

If you follow these steps, you will have people constantly supporting you. Today as I write this, several people have asked me, how they could preorder my latest eBook; “The Power of 10 Network“. I have mentioned it on social media, in the newsletter, and when talking to clients. No huge push on the product has or will occur until later this month. People are buying my digital products daily. I am very thankful for that! I’m even more so grateful to those people who own all 20 of my digital products. It’s mind blowing to me! There are people willing to not only invest into their business, but who are willing to invest in my products to help further their company.

Give your audience products to purchase nonstop, by showcasing a lifestyle that requires your products in order to attain it. ICB Consults is sticking to its new product every month model, as well as, its preordering the month prior option. It works for my audience, so why change what works for all of us.

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