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Creating A Beautiful & Productive Home Office Space

There are 2 million blog post shared daily. An average of 5,000 people start a business everyday. We have become a world focused on content, but at the same time, we’ve become fearless individuals chasing after our dreams. However, that doesn’t mean you should slum it when it comes to your home office space.

When I first started my resale company, my home office space was pretty much my couch or a table at Starbucks in one of the corners. Today, I have a space that is beautiful, cohesive, and helps with productivity; so I can focus on my business. 

Office Area Not Couch

If you want to be successful or need to give yourself a nudge, then pick up your work papers, any orders, your laptop on the couch and move it to your designated office area. You don’t need a spare room to have a great office space. I have seen people convert their hall closets and more. It’s about having a set space that is for business only.

Desk and Chair

For the longest time, I had a desk from Ikea, the Glasholm. It was great when I had a bigger office area. Downside to it, was that it got super cluttered quick, because I was able to put so much on it. In addition, it was super heavy. Last year, I purchased a Josephine desk from World Market. Can you say smitten at first sight. Funny story, this desk had been on my vision board. I had seen the desk below and wanted it. Didn’t know where it was from, then I found it. The day I bought it, it was on sale for $149 minus the 30% off coupon I had. Score.

Purchase beautiful white desk for under $200

I found this beautiful chair at a thrift store. However, my knees kept hitting the desk because of the height of the chair. The chair you purchase truly does matter. You will be sitting in your chair for hours. Invest in one that has back support. Not one that’s just pretty.

Maximizing Space

If you’re fortunate enough to have an extra bedroom in your home, to create a home office space; it’s super important to maximize all areas. In my old home, I used my closet to store products, shipping material, and more. It uncluttered the rest of my office, when I stored those things in a tidy space. Having a filing system and bookshelves are also great ways to do that. My bookshelf in my office is versatile. I use it for my books, shoe display, and any other purpose I think up. A beautiful display and functional. A great example of this is Hey Gorgeous Closet Space; she did this look for her home office. I’m assuming she utilized the Kallax shelf from Ikea and purchased nesting boxes.

Learn how to maximize your home office space by utilizing closet space.

Office Hours

If you live with other people it is important that you set aside office hours for your business. I have read stories where husbands or boyfriends just came in and sat down and started having conversations for hours because they were off or at home. Setting the office hours creates boundaries. This will also help you stay in the mindset of a business owner. You want to maximize your time working, that way you can also live your life outside of work. My office hours are from 11am-5pm on most days.

Creating a beautiful and productive home office space for creative business owner

Beautiful Extra’s

One thing I love about my office area is the natural light that comes through the window. It makes the space feel warm and comforting. In addition to that, investing in things like desk organizers, flowers, and trinkets such as sequined letters can make your work environment more pleasant to work in. Creating a beautiful collage with quotes or fashion prints from Etsy is another great option to enhance your office area.

Is your home office conducive to streamlining productivity for your small business? Have you created a beautiful, productive office space in your home?

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