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Transitioning From Retail To Consulting

I tend to lose track of time not realizing how long I have been doing something. Especially since I found something I really love doing which is consulting. Today, I wanted to share my personal story of transitioning from retail to consulting. Never took the time to actually elaborate on switching industries completely. I just took a leap.

The Decision

In early 2013, God told me that my online boutique by the same name would be closing and I would be doing consultation. Truth be told, I didn’t gripe or lose sleep over it. I was not being fulfilled doing resale boutique. There was a plethora of stress and anxiety that came with my business. In addition, I felt everyone was doing resale. It was the hot thing to do. When I first launched my business Etsy was still in its infancy, and now it’s a billion dollar company being threaten by Beyonce’ lawyers. I was perfectly okay with closing my virtual store and helping others launch their business.

New Industry

Before launching ICB Consults I knew nothing about the industry besides what I had read online or seen on tv. Virtually the same lack of knowledge of running an online boutique. I worked for small boutiques in college and had retail experience but running an online store is not the same thing. One thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to be like everyone else in my industry. I didn’t want to follow the rules and guidelines that were set before me. I just winged everything.

Transition From Retail to Consulting

This is something I really don’t advise. I did the same thing with my resale boutique. There was no plan. I just launched and did what I thought worked for me.

Learning Process

Every day I am learning something new about consulting and how to run my business. Which I’m very happy about. In the past I wanted to launch group coaching and eCourses but then I realized those things aren’t me. There not exactly what I want to do right now in my business. I took eCourses on creating eCourses because I thought I wanted to do this. I know there are audio and visual audience members I am missing out on, but until the time is right for me I am going to miss them. Thats one thing that I have learned, you have to do what works for you not others.

Formulate Products

One thing I did know before truly transitioning from retail to consulting was that I needed a product to go with my services. In the day and time we live in, people want a multitude of options. My service package might not be for everyone. My price point is not for everyone. However, creating a digital product was something I could do, because I love being creative. I wrote a short article on How To Write An Ebook and now I have expanded to Digital Launch Kits and Business Essential Prints.

Here are some of the products:

Kick Start Your eCommerce Shop #ICBConsults

Kick Start Your eCommerce Shop

Digital Launch Kit: Launch on Squacespace

Launch on Squarespace

As mentioned yesterday in, 9 Ways To Boost Your Creative Business, forcing products was something I did but is not healthy for your business. Now I have a list of twenty plus ideas that I could create with throughout the year. None of it is forced. It is all outlined now it’s just about designing them. Which helped relieve stress from my life.

The transition from retail to consulting was easy for me honestly because I was writing content on this site about business long before the idea of consulting came to mind. Now I can connect the dots as Steve Job says. If you want to transition to a completely new industry its okay. It’s possible to succeed in an industry you are new too.

Are you seeking to transition from your current industry to another? Have you created a plan to do so?

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