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The Art of Disconnecting

It’s fair to say technology controls our lives. You are probably reading this on your laptop, phone or tablet. Possibly received an email alert from our RSS feed. We live in a time where we’re always connected to our devices. As of lately, I have made the decision to disconnect from my devices and to focus on living in the real world. 

Think for a moment about the last time you were out with friends or at a coffee shop. Most people were preoccupied with their electronics and not focused on the things going on around them. Recently a client mentioned that I am really good at giving my undivided attention when I am working with others. Don’t get me wrong I am pretty good at multitasking, however, people deserve all your attention. It’s a sign of respect. It is also a great time to bond as well as for other things.

The art of disconnecting can be easy for some and extremely hard for others; it just depends on you.

Turn Off All Electronics

When traveling the friendly skies, the flight attendants always instruct passengers to turn off all electronics. You can do the same thing in real life not just when your 30,000 miles in the sky. I know that it may feel strange. You’re thinking, oh no I might miss a call or an important text. In the last 29 years of my life, if something happened that I needed to be contacted immediately for there has been a way to notify me. When is the last time something life changing has happen that someone had to reach you instantaneously for? Be honest, you don’t want to miss a juicy social media news update, even though, there is an endless cycle of it. Did you miss someone’s tweet about breakfast or Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress. It’s not going to kill you.

Connect With People

I have seen people share post on Facebook where when they go to a group dinner everyone puts their phone on the table. The first person that grabs their phone has to pay for dinner. This is a really great idea. Especially for a group of friends who feel they always need to be connected. Most times when I am working out of Lola Savannah in Austin I don’t wear my headphones. I sit in the bar area talking to Christopher and anyone else who is around me. By doing this I have connected with patent lawyers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalist and much more. Those meaningful connections have helped not only my business but my friends’ businesses too.

Take A Break From It All

When is the last time you went on a road trip by yourself? Living near an ocean or lake is a perfect reason to pack up the car and bring your favorite books to read. Life can be really stressful. Especially as creative women business owners. You need a break from it all. No instagram, No Mashable, Huffington Post, or CNN. No Facebook. Nothing. Just you and mother nature. Some of my creative ideas come when I am in the shower, but I create my best ideas when it’s just me and nature. I can breathe. It’s a beautiful thing. Just sitting out there watching the sunset is wonderful in itself, coming up with a great idea is bonus. We need mental breaks from life. When you’re always connected to a device you have no time to reconnect with yourself. There are days I am overwhelmingly stressed out and just want to escape to Mexico for two weeks. To stop feeling like that, I have learned the art of disconnecting from my life aka leaving my phone at home.

Are you currently stressed? Are you addicted to your tablet or mobile phone? When is the last time you really connected with someone without looking down at your phone?

Take a moment to breathe from your electronics and from the stress of every day life. It can cause worry that you don’t need especially when running a business.

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