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5 Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Business

It seems the discussion of software programs and cool apps got the conversation started. I am all about technology helping my business run smoother and I know you are too. Today, I wanted to dig deeper into programs I use on a daily basis to make life easier.

Hello Sign Hello Sign is a company that I have been using for several months for my consulting company. It allows you to send important documents to users for them to view and sign. The great thing is people can sign and send the document back to you for FREE. You know as entrepreneur FREE is the most magical word we could ever hear in our lives. Another great point is they are a gmail extension, so you can use it right in your gmail app. This has come in handy when I’ve had to send my accountant or financial planner paperwork immediately – I can sign and send it right over. Saves me so much money verses running to Office Depot to fax it.


Canva is a really cool site that helps non Photoshop skilled people like me create graphics for business. It is completely free to use unless you use some of the stock images that cost. They have preloaded templates in place to use and it’s actually really addictive because it makes me, a non-graphic designer feel like I am doing something. So, if you can not wait for someone on Fiverr to create your graphic or find a local designer to use, I highly suggest using this program. I will note there are no tutorial videos so it can be rather overwhelming and frustrating when you first start.

Google Drive

Google Drive so I am little late to the Google Drive game. I was team Dropbox for a long time but as of lately I find myself using Google Drive even more. I share information with my consulting clients, staff and brand manager with ease: they can edit comment and much more. You can download the apps to your phone and tablet which makes it even easier to use in business. Wanting to collaborate and for everyone to have access? You can use drive for that, very similar to the collaboration in Wunderlist. It has documents, spread sheets and more. See it as Microsoft office for your devices. {image source}

Google Calendar

Google Calendar I kept hearing how great calendar was from multiple people. In interviews I read, people would either say ical or Google calendar is how they manage their time and life. In addition, a plethora of top bloggers have mentioned how they used it as their editorial calendar. I started using it to record my appointments for coaching or consulting, then I started adding other meetings and deadlines. I honestly do not know what I was waiting on all my life! It is seamless and then I have it synced to my ical so I can see everything, no matter the device I am on. Brilliant!

Sleep Cycle App

Sleep Cycle this is something new I started using based off one of my twitter followers recommendation. Its an app you download to help you understand your sleeping patterns, it promises to get you the best sleep of your life and much more. It tells you when you enter into the various levels of REM and which nights are your best, worst along with much more. What was kinda freaky to me is all the steps I take in my sleep, I guess I have restless leg syndrome or something of that nature. I am going to get the Power Nap Cycle app they have introduced. This has really helped me understand how I sleep. In addition, when it’s time to wake up, it’s not some abrupt alarm that scares me. That is the worst.

What apps or programs have revolutionized how you run business? I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Technology helps my business run smoother. I can use plain notepads and calendar any day of the week but technology really does make my life smoother.

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