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Fonts, Graphics and Pictures OH MY!!!!

Now that you have communicated your idea to your designer, you will get feedback or initial proofs. If you are new to the design and printing world, there are a few things you need to know. First, let’s talk about Fonts, Graphics and Pictures. 

Not all fonts are free.

Try not to get mad at your designer if they present you with a $300 font option that’s based on the ideas you all discussed. Yes, there are free font options, but incorporating fonts can become tricky. A majority of font options are free for personal use. You do not want a logo based on an illegally used font. If you are unable to budget $300 for a font, that is okay. There are some great fonts that are free and for commercial use.

Not All Graphics are Free

You may have a logo in mind that utilizes illustrations. In regards to fonts and protecting your business, a good designer will not steal work from other designers to create a logo for you. They may however, tell you that they need to buy graphics for your project. There are designers who can design everything, but ironically, it may be cheaper for you to let them purchase a graphic.

Not all images are free

If you want beautiful product pictures, you may consider investing in them. Either that, or take the best pictures you can until you can afford to pay for them. It is an unfortunate reality, our digital world has made it very easy for people to steal other people’s work. You want to build a business full of integrity and honor, and that includes your design. If you have a concept for your website or blog and you need images for it, your designer can help you find those great images. Just understand that with both graphics and images, there are different licenses for different applications. Make sure you discuss where and how you will be using your images with your designer so they may purchase the correct licenses for you.

These tips are in no way a means to discourage you if you are just starting out. These tips would rather help protect you and guide your decision-making process with your designer.

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