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My Fall Must Have List

I live in Texas where fall arrives around December, but like almost every woman on earth, I have a fall must-have list. My list doesn’t trail off on some drastic Neiman Marcus excursion–even though that would be really fun—it’s a mix of high and low priced items because that’s how I like to shop. All my friends know I LIVE for Target.

 BlogICB Fall Must Haves

Target Pullover Sweater: Last week, Target had this sweater on special for $10 and with two coupons I would’ve bough it for $4. However, when I got to the register, I got caught up with something and forgot to purchase it! I’m still kicking myself over that. Regardless, it is a steal, and will be great for traveling or running errands.

Selma Studded Saffiano Michael by Michael Kors Bag: So, to be honest, I never was truly sold on MK or his designs. It wasn’t my cup of tea. Recently, while grocery shopping, I saw a lady with this bag. I thought it was a Valentino bag, but when I asked her, she informed me it was Michael Kors. I was shocked and had to have it!

Target Faux Leather Trim Jacket: While at the dentist’s office, I saw this jacket in Redbook, and once again, the designer surprised me. This is a steal at Target, and a great design.

Target Long Sleeve Tunic Top: One day, while I was walking around Target (which seems like everyday), I stumbled upon this tunic. I was so excited when I saw it came in 4 styles, so I bought all four styles. It was love at first sight.

Saint Laurent Satchel: My buddy Tiffany posted this on her Instagram, and I immediately wanted it. I prefer this size to the other sizes. It’s a great bag and will be an amazing addition to my collection.

Target Boyfriend Jeans: Boyfriend jeans are always on my shopping list. I have a couple pairs, but like most women, I want different washes and all that other jazz. I have other boyfriend jeans from Current Elliot, which make me very happy.

Valentino Rockstar Flats: Can I be honest with you? For a long time, I was not a fan of the Rockstar shoe from Valentino. The design just wasn’t working for me. Then, one day, I saw Kris Jenner wearing a pair and I swooned immediately. Now I need these flats plus 8 of the heel version.

As you can see, all my fall must-haves are either from Target or Designer pieces. I think all women should learn to mix high and low priced items. Invest in great timeless pieces, and rotate the trendy pieces that you can get for less and rotate as needed.

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