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Stepping Up in September

Wow, another month has ended and we are now well into fall. This year has gone by so fast, but I am very happy how the end of the year is turning out. If you read my earlier end of the month recaps (here and here), you can see I have some rocky months behind me. They have blown by and I have really stepped up to the plate in September.

Thanks of The Month: Thanks go to the signs directing me on my path. I am a believer in God, and I am also an avid believer in energy and the frequencies we omit. It puts people on higher playing fields than others. It is not by accident things happen. They are all divinely connected and orchestrated. A while back, my mentor told me that I need to know some days I would be a great boss and other days I would be a really great sister, girlfriend, aunt, daughter and more. I have to be okay with that. The last two months, being particularly rocky and difficult helped me to learn that lesson, and I also learned how to sit back and relax. Things don’t always work out the way you see them. You cannot connect the dots looking forward–only backwards. So my thanks this month go to the things I thought I couldn’t live without because here I am living without them–even if it’s only one day at a time. Everything we pray for is not meant for us. Even if you love something or someone, maybe it’s best you love them from a distance.

Tasha HM Dress 1

 Tunic H&M | Necklace T+ J Designs  | Zara Boots

Highlight Of The Month: So you are probably thinking my highlight of the month should be something related to my business but it’s not. It’s part of my personal life. Learning to be Tasha is a milestone. To be happy in my own skin and know who I am and what I love. I love to make others happy. I love a great TV series {just finished Dexter and about to start Homeland}. I love an inspirational story. I love hearing my niece laugh. I love small businesses. Well that’s an understatement… I live for a great small business! I love ordering new glasses to look nerdy-chic. So many people don’t live for their favorite things anymore. They are caught up in the moments of social media. I tell my consulting clients all the time if social media die tomorrow would your business stand the test of time. That goes for everyone. Could you function without Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.? I am learning to live and just be happy.

Pits Of The Month: To be completely honest, I cannot think of something that just had me down in the dumps this month. When you start letting your positive outshine the negative, you tend to forget the bad days. If you count the 100+ degree weather outside, and the fact that I’m still wearing summer clothes as a bad point, then we will take it as such. Oh no… I know my pits of the month! (There is one, I forgot) So for the last two weeks, I have tired to make Juley’s baked egg breakfast. It’s not coming out right at all! Don’t laugh at me, this is something very serious–I pride myself in cooking. So there you have it, my pits of the month, outside of having the flu, were that I cant make Juley’s Egg Breakfast to save my life.

Tasha in HM Dress, T+J Designs necklace and Zara BootsEntrepreneur Roller-coaster Ride: Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we need to actually be still. We are constantly wearing a million plus hats trying to make things work. In the long run, it works us into stress, sickness and more. When I was sick earlier this month Myriah stepped it up without even asking. That week proved to me that she is the woman for my team forever and a day. So many times we under estimate the power of having a solid foundation. Heck, people might be tired of me talking about it. However if you want to stand the test of time your business cannot be made of scraps of trees. You have to start it right the first time. Build a solid team.

I have this AMAZING vision for 2014. Bigger than something I have ever done before, but I know its possible because of whom I am surrounded by. When I look to my left or right, there is someone who is pushing themselves and me. I have had my company on cruise control at times. Minding my business in my lane. Then in the last couple months, I have started thinking that it’s time to take it up another notch, and make some waves. So, that’s what I am planning. In my mind, it’s how Elon Musk feels when he is about to make an announcement. (Real life Iron Man swag.)

As always, thanks for reading about my month. After the ‘What’s In Your Bag’ series, this is one of my favorite posts to create.



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