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Book Review: Creative, Inc.

My library is quiet large and currently overwhelmed with books that are sitting on the shelf for far to long without me reading them. Creative, Inc. happens to be one of those books. I ordered it at some point before my birthday last year, and now I’m finally getting around to reading it. This book is not just for the freelancer–it has great tips and tricks in here for the small business owner and entrepreneur in other fields.

Creative, Inc provides interviews with various creatives around the country. Some are solopreneurs like myself and others are part of amazing partnerships that were formed in college. If you are looking for a book that gives you great insight on how a creative thinks when doing graphics, illustrations, or website design project–this book is it. Furthermore, the book mentioned something I learned in The $100 Startup price for profit. One of the companies in the book said that they realized they needed to charge more when their plumber was charging them more an hour than they were charging any of  their own clients.

In addition, the book covers topics such as business names, finding an agent, legal structure, taxes, cold calling potential clients, and office space–all information that every business owner and entrepreneur should have on their radar. I highly suggest this book to my fellow peers looking to start their own business. I personally plan on buying Craft, Inc. 
and Blog, Inc. also.

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