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Paralyzed By Change

This coming July marks, Imperfect Concepts Boutique’s fourth year in business. ICB has truly grown into more than my dreams can imagine. It has been a journey every step of the way to get where I currently am. In the last year or so, I have wrestled with how to grow my business without hurting my core values. Growth and change go hand in hand, these last couple of months, I have been paralyzed by the thought of change.

You see, the shopping cart I use offers several options to branch out our businesses. However, I just could not bare with new changes in my life. They offer selling on Facebook, Google, Bonzana, eBay and others, so it would be beneficial to my business. So, yesterday I took the leap and joined Etsy as a Seller and eBay as well. Etsy has been on my list of platforms to join for quiet some time. I talked to several friends who are on there to get their opinion, and then I weighed the pro’s and con’s and finally joined. On my current platform, I pay a flat monthly rate for hosting, but at Etsy I pay .20 cents per item plus a 3% transaction fee. What made it worth it for me is that I will reach more customers who love vintage–plus, Etsy allows handmade or vintage

eBay is another platform that I have been debating for some time. I started shopping on ebay when I was in the 9th grade. My dad got me the Bank of America prepaid card. *LOL* When I got to college, I sold several pieces on there. eBay was on the news a couple years back because thousands of sellers left after fee hikes, lack of support for the small businesses and more. Nasty Gal started on eBay before it became the multi-millon dollar company it is now. Three of my favorite consignment shops are top sellers on eBay. To be honest, I’m not here for the top-seller route, I would use eBay as a platform to reach more customers. Corri McFadden, of Shop EDrop Off, says that she makes a million a year on eBay, but that’s too big for me right now. Maybe in 5-10 years from now, I will be there, but as of right now, $75,000 is great.

eBay Imperfect Concepts

My main goal is have customers come to my site and shop directly with me verses a third party. I will use these platforms to bring in a new customer that has no prior knowledge of me or my business. There are other platforms I could use that focus on selling luxury goods, but I’m not going to use them because they charge 18% worth of fees. I am very happy with taking another step to grow by business and it’s audience. I hope this post helps another business owner that has been wrestling with the idea of change. Change is a great thing. If you want to accomplish something you have never done, you must do something you have never done. JUST DO IT!


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