Okay, you have been reading my blog for several months and stalking me on social media to see if I am the right fit for you. Trust me; I completely understand doing all that and more before saying “I want to work with her.” Your business is on the line. You’re investing money into growing, and when I say I know that coinage could be going elsewhere, I know it can. So, first thank you for trusting me with your dreams, visions, goals and more. I will not be sharing your secret sauce with anyone. However, I will be giving you my insight to help you grow and scale. There are a couple of options for working with me. You can click on one of the four options listed below to learn more. Working with me can cost as low as $5 with my Buy Tasha Coffee option go all the way up to one on one monthly consulting services that start at $395. There are a plethora of choices because I know what it’s like to be tight with money and to be flowing with abundance.


Roadmap accountability services

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