Learn How To Be Intentional With Goal Setting

Looking back we can all agree that 2020 was a crazy year that no one saw coming, literally. I remember thinking of slogans such as; “Perfect Vision Year.” And I can say this was the year that kicked my butt on so many levels. I’m an introvert that thrives around her friends, family, traveling, and coffee shops. Once everything started with the virus, I knew I would commit to four things:

  • Mental health
  • Saving
  • Working out
  • Health

However, as we are halfway through 2021, I realize it essential to be intentional with our goals if we truly want to achieve success. If I had rate the success of those things I committed to, I would say I did okay on those things and could’ve done better. Then I remember we are in the middle of a global pandemic and need to extend grace. 

Well, that’s what we will chat about today—wanting to provide you with a guide on being intentional with your goals for the remainder of 2021.

What is Your Word: Being intentional starts with the word that will set the tone for the year. This year, my word is consistency. You can set all the lofty goals you want for this year, but if you’re not consistent. That is why most people fail.

How to combat failure with your goals?: Starting small and growing from there. Millions of people on January 1st always want to lose weight and get in shape. Their biggest mistake is intense workout programs and overhauling their diet. You are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to achieve something. Instead, here is a healthier way to approach it:

  • Commit to 30 minutes of exercise 3x times a week for 30 days
  • Increase water intake by 16 oz for 30 days
  • Switch to organic and natural products
  • Limit process foods and sugar as much as possible

When you look at this list above, it’s not as shocking as workout 5x a week for an hour, drink a gallon of water daily, go on a Whole30 diet and no cheat days. This will shock your body, but if you’re not good at being consistent, you will want to quit.

Get Real Accountability: One of the best things I did for my fitness journey was buying an apple watch. Well, it was an anniversary gift from my husband. When I got the Apple watch, not only could I track my exercises better, my sister and my good friend could see my workouts. They would give me thumbs up and shoot me encouraging text messages. When you create goals, don’t be afraid to share them with your friends and family. They become more intentional when others are aware of them.

Track The Progress: One of my favorite things to do with my clients is to set soft and hard goals for them. That way, they can track their progress along the way. Make sure you do weekly, monthly, and quarterly check-in’s on your goals. When you track your goals and see the progress, even if it’s minor, it gives you the motivation to continue forward. In addition to that, make sure your goals are visible for you to see. Post them on the fridge, wall, closet door, make it a screen saver, or whatever you need to do to remind you what you’re working towards.

Remember, pick a word that sets the tone, create realistic goals, build on them, keep yourself accountable with your friends and family, and finally, make sure you’re tracking your process every step of the way.

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