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How To Become An Expert or Thought Leader In Your Industry

Truth be told, the blog post could be one sentence, “Pick A Lane And Stay In It.” Becoming an expert in your industry calls for a singular focus on a subject matter for the same reason when doctors have to choose their discipline residency. Do you a doctor who is a jack of all traders to fix your broken foot, or do you want a specialized person in orthopedics? I am leaning towards the person with the specialization.

That is the same for becoming an expert in your industry. Social media will have you think that you can be in several lanes because you need multiple income streams to win. My dad had two streams of income and is living comfortably, but that is the dark side of social media that people need to learn to navigate.

Define What Expert In Your Industry Is

What does it look like to consider an expert in your industry? Malcolm Gladwell says 10,000 of work towards the expertises is away. It could be getting your hands dirty and learning all the aspects of it. It could be performing the job to understand the ins and outs of it. Everyone will define this differently, but you must describe it in a way that solidifies your definition towards achieving your ultimate goal.

Invested Monthly In Gaining Expert Knowledge

One thing I am doing is spend my coins on learning so I can be better. Sometimes, it’s not even spending money but sitting through a three-hour class and gathering the data I need. Truth be told, I do not read other business consultants’ blog posts or consume their products because I do not want to be influenced; however, I will read on my industry’s subject matter. Learning about the latest in SEO, google analytics, social media, eCommerce, customer acquisition/retention, email marketing, and much more. Recently, I attend two workshops to not only help me as a consultant but provide that information to my clients as well.

Pass Along Your Expert Knowledge

What I learn I share with others. I don’t believe in competition; I do believe in supporting others as they are on the same journey as you. Hoarding information thinking it will keep you at the top will only cause you to fall. To be an expert, you need to share information via a blog post, newsletter content, products, or speaking gigs. By doing so, you are allowing your audience to see you as a thought leader or expert in your industry.

Becoming an expert in your industry takes a lot of work on your part, and most importantly, a commitment to being better each day. It doesn’t happen by chance. It’s you showing up day in and day out for it. When people chat with me about small business trends, it’s something I am very passionate about. Helping others live their best life and scaling their business brings me joy.

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