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Learn To Be Obedient When You Really Want To Buy A Chanel Purse

First, understand we are all called to be obedient & good stewards over what we are blessed with. I have not been the best steward over those blessings in my life, however in recent years, months & sometimes days I have radical experience from doing so. Mainly, I have given myself the option to dig deeper into the root of the issue that is causing me to want to stray. That’s what I want to talk to you about. It doesn’t have to be Chanel bags, it can be Starbucks, excessive spending, travel, eating bad food, and many other things that we allow to control us when life gets stressful.Tasha Robinson Imperfect Concepts Dress: Alice + Olivia Sunglasses: Quay Austrialia Necklace: Letters By Zoe Mini Bar Bracelet: Letters By Zoe Engraved Disc Fortune
You see when life is good I’m not blowing money fast. I’m managing my money to build wealth, and the last thing on my mind is buying a Chanel bag. Or going to Marshall’s to buy whatever to make me feel good for a brief moment. When I’m stressed I shop, thus causing more fiscal strain on my finances.

You see I will ask God to help me bring in more clients or customers so I can pay bills and live, but when it’s not happening the funds I do have I run to the nearest store to buy something to make me feel good. I’m not being obedient nor a good steward. I am fulfilling my need in that moment. Trust me; when I say it’s okay to have nice things. God blessed so many people in the Bible that you read success stories of business owners and more who were fruitful, but they were also good stewards being obedient to what God is calling them.

Tasha Robinson Imperfect Concepts Dress: Alice + Olivia Sunglasses: Quay Austrialia Necklace: Letters By Zoe Mini Bar Bracelet: Letters By Zoe Engraved Disc Fortune

For example, the day I wrote this was a day my mother made me really upset. As you know I take care of her full time and provide for her financially. Which causes a strain on how I live personally and business wise. My only shopping plans for the week were to buy planner stuff from The 1407 Planner & Sessa Vee as an end of the week treats for achieving stuff. Let’s say my to do list was not happening and I reward myself anyway. I was fine with that because it was in the budget. However, when my mother and other personal stuff got me stress the first thing I did was go to Ross and preloved designer website. Basically, I was about to blow money fast.

However, my spirit just didn’t feel right and I knew I was acting out versus doing what I needed to do. So, I left my cart online and in store. I know my triggers and have to be mindful of who is bigger in the situation. Just the same for you when things don’t go your way in life. We truly have to be mindful of the triggers that are happening in our lives and what they cause of us to do. Right now, I am betting you have a mile long task list of things that need to be done but things are not going right in one area of your life. For the last eight months that have been me, it seems every other month is a good month for me. During this time I have wanted to be obedient when it comes to finances, health, food, life and more. There were days I just wanted to sleep all day or binge watch Netflix. There have been more times than I could count where I pitched ideas, projects, and more not to hear a thing. To launch services or products that no one touched which cause even more stress in my mind, heart, and soul. It has felt at times there I am not good enough anymore in the consulting world because the stream has died down. There was a time my bounce rate on my website was 0.05 and now it’s at 66%.

Through it all, I have to learn to be obedient and trust God. To stop leaning on my own understanding and trying to make quick fixes to long term problems at the time. Whatever, you’re being called to be obedient at doing it, I know how bad you want to get your hair or nails done, go shopping, go to brunch, buy whatever and many other things, but don’t allow temptation to win. I know it’s easier to throw in the towel when you have worked out for eight weeks straight and have not seen the results. Keep being obedient. In due time, you will reap the harvest greater than you imagined.

Dress: Alice + Olivia Sunglasses: Quay Australia Necklace: Letters By Zoe Mini Bar Bracelet: Letters By Zoe Engraved Disc Fortune
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