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Utilizing First Purchase Cards To Attract New Customers

For almost two or three years, I have been talking about the importance of having a local marketing and customer retention plan while most experts or gurus were pushing people to dump all their eggs into the social media basket. Last month, Twitter announced they would be closing the Vine platform. Causing people to go into a tizzy of what they should be doing regarding social media and growing their business. 

As a business trying to get it’s footing in the community, you should focus on local growth more than national or international . Building your local business and social media after that. Today, I want to show how you can design a first purchase card to attract new customer base in your local area. Yes, they are the same thing as a next purchase card, which I have discussed numerous time. However, seeing one opens are eyes to how something is supposed to look.

Learn how to design a first purchase card in canva that helps you obtain new local customers or clients. | Imperfect Concepts

Pick A Platform

First, determine which platform you will be designing your cards in or if you will be hiring someone to do the work for you. These cards are super easy so, I don’t think its per se necessary to hire someone. The card should be standard postcard sizing.

Front Of The Card

The front of your first purchase card is solely focused on the love at first sight. Too many people forget who they met someone or see a business card and don’t think a second thought about it. That’s why I started using this cards when I was at events. The front of my card wows and this causes action.

Service Based Business

Depending on what you’re trying to convey is how the front of the card would look. As you can see, I just used a stock image in example A. This is for a business such website design, graphic design or even consulting. In option B, I add text on the front.

Option A

How to design a first purchase cards helps bring in local

Option B

How to design a first purchase cards helps bring in local

Product Based Business

Showing off your products should be your first goal. Giving them opportunities to see. Remember you don’t know who you will be meeting. Better to create something that will peak varied interests.

The Back Of The Card

This is where you will put the most valuable information to land the future sales from customers. You have this information on the back.

  • Website
  • Thank you text
  • Social media
  • Discount
  • Product photo (optional)

Important to note if you’re social media names on different on platforms it’s important to write each username out. In addition to that, if you have a hashtag you want them to use place it on there too.

How to design the back of a first purchase card that helps you bring in new customers. | Imperfect Concepts

How To Utilize The Cards

Using the time you’re not working on your business and pass them out at stores or shopping centers. You don’t want to place them on people’s car’s they are more likely to throw them away. However, sparking a conversation can help you. Never, they are great for when you’re doing pop-up shops, vending or attending conferences. You’re in front of your target audience, and they are already debating supporting you.

First purchase cards are a great entry way to stepping up your local sales and company reach. They are also pretty easy to create and design. In addition to that, you can get them printed for a low cost using your local print shop.

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