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Cancelling Out The Noise Of Social Media & Comparison Trap

We live in a world where at any given moment you can open a social media app and bring negativity into your life. In recent months, I have been moving away from social media noise and the talk of competition, and focusing solely on growing my business. Here’s how you can cancel out the noise of social media and stop focusing on your competitors.

Focus On Your Mission

To many people are focused on every Jack, Henry, Daniel and Mike verses focusing on themselves. When you first decided to embark on your journey as a small business you had a mission and a laser focuses. We think we are getting a peak into someone else road map towards success so we throw ours out. In my office, I have a clip board that has my mission and vision on it. Then it has the goals I want to achieve that year. Keep your goals, mission and vision in front of you. Currently in my planner, there is a copy of my vision board. I am able to remember why I am doing this and where I want to go.

Automation Of Your Social Media

Stop hanging out on social media all day and then complaining about how you feel. Honestly, you just need to be on there to engage with your audience. Last month, I talked about how I automate my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I am not sitting on these platforms all day taking on people’s energy, thoughts and toxic believes. You are dealing with a plethora of emotions and personalities at once. It can be very hostile at times without the set intention of being malice. Once a week, I sit down for an hour and automate my social media post. This allows me to be proactive and productive in other areas that truly matter.

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Cut The Comparison Trap Cord

This is something I think I will harp on forever until people actually start doing it. Stop spending time on platforms that make you feel like shit. A couple years ago, when I was caught up in the comparison trap of life I realized what was unhealthy for me. I would spend hours of time comparing myself to peoples lives and businesses. Beating myself because I didn’t feel equal to this people that I started before. I was beating myself up. So, I cut the comparison trap cord and stop following them. A couple them I used to engage with often actually reached out. Wanting to know what was happening. I was really honest with them and they told me “its good I recognized what I was doing and hoped I removed the comparison. That would miss me” I followed a couple back because I am healthier state of mind.

Don’t Talk To About List

This might sound petty or like I am being a hater, but I don’t want to hear about certain people. You see what they are doing in their lives does not align with my purpose. They are not helping me grow in my relationship with God nor adding money to my pockets. This list was established almost two years ago, because people like to say how similar I was to certain people. In addition to that, people would send me screen shots of someone copying me. You see my purpose is greater than someone copying me. I can’t focus on them. Let us be real on what matters more. Staying informed on others moves or focusing on our own. Your moves always matter more.

We cannot stay in the abusive relationship of the comparison trap of checking in on others and creating noise in our own lives. Learn how to cancel out the social media noise and the need to compare yourself to the next man.

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