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How To Be Productive While Working From Home

One of the biggest struggles for new small business owners who are transitioning from full time employee to full time business owner is how to be productive while working form home. Even business owners who are still employees but end up with a day or two at home struggle with this concept. I personally created this six point guideline to help me when I first started working from home and share with my clients when they ask. 

Day Designation

This is going to be a huge one for you as a new full time business owner. You do not need to do everything under the sun in one day or week. Personally, I have discussed day designation on this blog (read here and here) and then also on youtube with these video (here). This is truly going to be a lifesaver and helping you keep your sanity when you are trying to do everything at once.

Keep Your To Do List Short

Too many people over work themselves thinking this is the only way to win.  I don’t overload myself. Once the day is done it is done. No, no love that is not the right route to go. Keep your to do list to 10 or less items a day to work on. Personally, I have no more than 7 task that need my attention a day.

6 Tips on how you can be productive when you're working from home as a new business owner. | Imperfect Concepts #homeoffice #smallbusiness

Get Dressed Daily

Yes, I do know their are some business coaches and consultants that say they work in their PJ’s all day. I am here to tell you thats a bad idea. There has been numerous times that last minute meetings have been called and I barely have time to put on my shoes. Getting dressed daily helps put me in a mindset of success and building an empire. Your self esteem is better when you feel pretty.

Leave The House

There was a time when I was hermit and just stay in the house all day to work. This can very dull and frustrating. One the biggest benefits of getting out the houses to work is to network. I have meet lawyers, VC, graphic designers and more while working from coffee shops or co working spaces. This is great if you have a product based business. Be a walking advertisement for your brand.

Take Breaks

I use to be the person who would sit for 6 hours at a time doing work for my business not even taking a moment for a break. In the morning I eat breakfast, answer emails, and respond to people on social media. After, I am done with this I leave the house which gives me fresher outlook for the rest of the day. This also gives me a break from sitting in front of the computer. I run an hour or so worth of errands. Finally I break my work into 50/10 rule. Working for 50 minutes straight and then breaking for 10 to move around.

Turn Social Media Notifications Off

My company has been built off social media, but I do not spend all day on social media. This would stop me from be productive in other areas of my business. Social media is one of the biggest distractions out there. We can spend hours going down the rabbit hole. Select 3 times a day to check all your social media platforms and engage. Or you can do one hour per day to check on them.

These six simple point guideline has really help me stay productive when working from home. Slay your day verse your day slaying you into tired funk.

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