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Which Video Content Platform Is Best For Your Small Business: Youtube, Periscope, or Facebook Live

Every social media guru has stated that if you want to grow your business in a millennial era you must have video content for your users. First, I will state if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera or your audience is not caught in the video craze do not fret. Jumping on a bandwagon for video content will cause you more stress than trying to maintain the presence on other social media platforms. 

Even though, I have a business Youtube channel and love creating content for that small audience it is a plethora of work. I am currently on a break from creating video content on Youtube until June. Today, I want to give you a break down of Facebook Live, Periscope (a Twitter company) and Youtube. All three platforms might seem the same because they focus on video content but they are drastically different. In recent, months Periscope and Facebook live have grown in popularity because the easy use for the creator and for the audience to met you were you are.


You can spend a day creating amazing content, another day editing it and then all day uploading it later this week. This is why I love Youtube. You are providing a more polished look for your business. Another great bonus is that it is a Google company. Truly helping you increase your SEO which Periscope and Facebook live cannot do at this time. You can truly curate a schedule of the type of content you want to put out for your audience on a specific schedule. In addition to that, it is very easy to collaborate with other Youtubers to cross promote each others channels.

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When Periscope first launched, I said this is cool let me try it. Then I realized the nature of my business, I am in a lot of private meetings. That this was not going to work for me showing my BTS of my company. However, I noticed a plethora of creators have utilize this platforms to showcase their expertise. The great thing about when you go live on Periscope it notifies your audience that you will be on there.

Facebook Live

Two of my clients actually started using this style of video content less than six months ago. One client who is in the event planning industry has utilized this to help showcase a behind the scenes of the process of doing shoots, events and more. Here are audience is seeing an unfinished production. Something that is rarely shown in her industry. Since hosting several Facebook Live’s she has landed clients. Another client has launched her Facebook Live as an everyday morning ritual. She wanted to connect with the audience she already had on the platform. Providing them motivation before starting their day. Viewers have asked her to create ebooks and even for coaching opportunities.

Youtube, Periscope and Facebook live are all three great video content sharing platforms that you can utilize for your business. You truly need to determine how you want to reach your audience. This is what matters more each time. How can you reach your audience in a way that resonates with them.

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