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Three Rules To Help Master The Art Of Following Up

Let’s just be honest from the star of this most people don’t follow up after meeting other people. That is the main problem when it comes to the art of the follow up. However, another issue is people do not know how to follow up correctly. They thinking throwing up an assist in the air that Lebron will be at the rim ready to dunk. In the last three years, I have created a simple plan that allows my follows to dunked and laid up into a beautiful relationships.

Timing Is Everything

Say last week you attend a conference, networking event or happy hour where you met several interesting people you would love to connect with. Everyone exchanged cards saying they would be in touch. Months have past you nor the other people have been in touch. First, most people are waiting for the other person to reach out. This is the first no, no. Send an email right after meeting them that night. I have a simple rule; contact within the first 24 hours of connecting. How many people do you interact with in a 24 hour period. Get in there now verse waiting for the perfect time. If they do not respond immediately wait 72 hours to follow up about the first email.

Showing Your Thanks

Why are you wanting to connect with them? What transpired in the conversation that really made them stand out where you wanted to connect with them. Thank them for that moment. There have been several off hand conversations I have had with individuals where aha moments happened. Starting off with a thank you verse a want or need will get you in the door quicker. Everyone wants to be complimented and know they are helping others.

Be Open About Needs

There have been times that I have given people my personal business email only for them to send me a plethora of wants from me. Be honest about why you are connecting with people. Get straight to the point in your initial email verse a long trail of back and forth. If you are needing something then say that, don’t just try to pad them with praise it is not genuine.

In the last three years these little tips have yielded me relationships with Sara Blakely, Lisa Price, Jenny Fleiss and several other amazing business owners across the world. This has lifted my network too. If you have not read The Power of Ten Network, ebook that I wrote might be the perfect time to order it.

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