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Providing Customers A Luxury Experience On Small Business Budget

One of the proudest moments in business is when clients use to email me and say it felt like Christmas morning when they received orders for me. Before I knew about cellophane sealable bags, I was buying cellophane wrap from The Container Store and wrapping each order up and including ribbon. I wanted my clients to have an experience when shopping with me. Providing my customers with a luxury experience on a small business budget was not hard. 

Lessons From Louis Vuitton + Barney’s

If you know me you know my love for luxury goodies. There was a time that I was constantly buying clothes, shoes and accessories from Louis Vuitton and Barney’s. Friends still give me gift cards to these two places which always makes me smile. While shopping these stores I noticed a couple things outside of remembering my name in preferences they did a couple things. These are simple things but most business do not do at all, especially small business.

  • Follow up after purchase – 15 days, 45 days and 1 year
  • Birthday cards
  • Handwritten notes
  • Presistent packaging

Follow Up

My personal shopper was amazing at her follow up. Within 15 days of purchase something in store or ordering on the phone a handwritten note would show up asking me about my purchasing. She wanted to ensure that everything was working well with my wardrobe. She would follow up 45 days later and some times a year later depending on the purchase.To implement this into my business I created three different scripted emails to send clients on a 21 day and sixty day plan. On the 1st-3rd of the month I emailed everyone. I haven’t done this is almost a year but it works.

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Birthday Cards

One thing luxury business companies do is learn all of your habits, information and more. All my personal shoppers knew my birthday. So, maybe a couple days before my birthday I would receive a beautiful card wishing a happy birthday. If, I hadn’t been there in awhile they let me know of new stuff or things that went on sale. I personally sent each customer a birthday card during their birthday month. You can easily implements by using list and automation in Mailchimp. Allowing customers to put in their birthday when they sign up for your newsletter. You can create great graphic wishing them a happy birthday and give them a discount code.

Handwritten Notes

This was something that I was firm in until my online resale boutique closed. Every order received a handwritten note thanking them for their order. Even if you were a friend or someone I engaged everyday with. Everyone was treated the same and I did not slack on showing them that. Simply create thank you cards for your business and make sure to write a short note. Yes, it can be time consuming if your business is growing but they do appreciate it and take note of it.

Persistent Packaging

Now, that I know cellophane sealable bags exist its ALWAYS one of the top things I make clients purchase for their business. This way your items are arriving nicely and neat verse stuffed into a polymailer. Which, still happens to me and no receipt. Insert blank state of the year, they haven’t read my article on shipping orders to customers. Every time I order from Jessica of DSRApparel, I always smile because of her packaging is extension of her brand and she gets done right.

Providing your customers with a luxurious experience doesnt have to break your bank. Try using one or all of these concepts in your business today.

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