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Designing Sale Call To Action Banners That Pop In Your Newsletters

Looking back, did your Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday newsletters bring you a nice return of investment, or did they fall flat on your audience? To login into your Mailchimp dashboard and see what your clicks and the open rate were for that weekend.

I am betting that the numbers were not stellar and below the industry average. I noticed a plethora of small business owners throw stuff together and pray something sticks. There are days I legit text my clients saying their newsletter is missing XYZ.

Designing sale call to actions banners that make your newsletter pop and increase sales is not hard. It’s all about creating focal points that grab your customer’s attention. We often throw a “shop now” button on the page and think it’s going to be clicked.

Teaching you how to make beautiful sales call to action banners for your email marketing campaigns. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #emailmarketing #mailchimp #madmimi #business

Bold Colors & Outlines

People are attracted to bold colors that stick out. Most people who produce newsletters for their subscribers stick to the black and blue for the hyperlink text. I am here to tell you now, outside of your call to action banners, make sure you hyperlink text in your companies second or third color. Your audience will know to click that text. Here is a graphic that simple but has a bold color + outline.

How to design sale cat banners to help increase sales while utilizing

Words + Graphics Combination

As you can see with the above sales call-to-action banner, the focus is color, bold, and font style. Another route is a combination of words and graphics as visuals that produces results for you. We, as people, are enticed by pretty things and things that are visually appealing to our eyes. Combining the two elements help you increase your return on investment.

How to design sale call to action banners to help increase sales while utilizing email marketing. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #mailchimp #emailmarketing #newsletter

Couple of images via Lauren Conrad Website.

Bonus tip: hyperlink all photos, visuals, and graphics in your newsletters. Even your header that you create for your newsletter. People click the most obscure portions of your newsletter.

Personally, I would include a sales call to action banner in every newsletter if you have merchandise on sale. This helps push the product that way it’s not collecting dust in your warehouse or bedroom closet. Having a sales CTA banner can be a staple in the template design that you created.

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