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Preparing Your Business For The Holiday Season

It’s that glorious lovely time of year where millions of people are spending their Saturday’s at Farmer’s Markets, the mall and online looking for gifts for their love ones and theirselves. This means one thing for your business, its time to make sure everything is aligned on your end to make sure everything runs smoothly for the next two months of the year.

Today, I mainly want to focus on your website, product,  social media & email marketing needs for this holiday season. If you want a detailed break down of everything you need this season, Holiday Guide For Small Business. Literally, I broke down everything you need to be doing this holiday season to establish success for your business.

Your Website

Your website is the number one places that we want to make sure is aligned and has everything working perfectly. If your customers are closing out five seconds after landing that means no sales are coming in. Focus on these seven things.

  1. Check loading time
  2. Make sure all links work – social media, blog post, and etc.
  3. Check your contact form – read article
  4. Update shipping, return and anything other policy for the holiday guidelines
  5. Test checkout process (move your country location to the top of the drop down menu)
  6. Implement abandon cart option – read article 
  7. Establish Call To Action Banners to direct customers – read article

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Product Inventory

No matter what this holiday season only sale what you have in stock. Too many times people get caught up in selling items they don’t have but have to order from vendors. If you are running black friday sales on specific pieces make sure to double the inventory levels now.

  1. Check your inventory levels.
  2. Double down on what you normally have
  3. Make sure all items are INSTOCK + READY To Ship

Social Media

This is how you are getting the customers in the door (your website) this holiday season. You need to step it up a notch or two.

  1. Sign up for social sharing platform such as; Buffer – read article
  2. Create content schedule – utilize this tool Social Media Planner 
  3. Update bio with correct information + link to website

Email Marketing

One thing people don’t change is their email addresses. If you have not been sending weekly newsletter campaigns out to your customers get ready to now. Mailchimp is a great platform to use to send these out to your customers. I personally have two guides that can help you Email Marketing Guide and Launch On Mailchimp.

  1. Email campaigns need to go out ONCE A WEEK until Christmas – read article 
  2. Market Yourself – if you are going to be at pop up shops, trunk shows or market let them know. Send out emails the day before with location, time, how much to park (if necessary) and discount code for subscribers
  3. Design graphics to share on social media – read this article on stock photography

During the holiday season most customers are expecting sales, promotions and more. It is imperative that you have a game plan for what sales you will be running during these two months. I have been talking with several clients about their deals and promotions since August.

This is the cliff notes of what you need to be doing to prepare your business for the upcoming holiday season. Like I said before Holiday Season For Small Business is going to be your true guide to succeed. Purchase your copy today and tell your other business friends to do the same.

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