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Selling Your Business Ideas To The Masses Without Pitching

For some odd reason, people think you have to hard sell customers in order to get them to buy into their business. Recently, a friend showed me a new brand she discovered on Instagram. I was immediately turned off. It was endless pitching; it felt like a sell session. I asked my friend how she felt about this. She stated that she noticed the person ALWAYS posted about their brand, and there was no “fluff piece – funny quotes” or something of that nature to separate the things. In addition, she said she felt like it was always about the product, even though, it was a pretty photo.

You don’t want your audience feeling like they don’t matter, regardless, if your a service based business or product based business.

Be Passionate

If you feel like it’s a chore or bothersome to talk about your business, then you’re not passionate about what you do. Problem one that needs to be fixed. There are a great number of individuals who are passionless. They are doing it because its profitable. Now, if you’re an introvert that is a different story. I completely understand. Write down everything you are passionate about when it comes to your business. List maybe 5 to 10 points on each, then write a paragraph or so specifying your reason. If the smile on your face begins to brightens up when a specific area is mentioned you are passionate about it. Use that to fuel conversations, not elevator pitches that are blah and bland.

Happy Medium Of Information

When people come to your social media channel, it shouldn’t be an endless pitch about how great your product or service is. Neither should there be millions of scheduled post on your latest article. People already follow you, so there’s a good chance they not only know about your blog but have already subscribed. They have your services memorized. I have mentioned the 80/20 rule before in regards to sharing content. Create a strategy to implement other content mix in with yours. It’s not always about you. You know how you un-followed the girl who post too many selfies. Customers un-follow brands that are constantly over selling.

Learn how to sell yourself without being an endless advertisement or pitching session. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness

Quality Of Content Being Shared

For the last couple of weeks, I have been sharing about Blue Collar Millionaire on CNBC. This is a show just I happened to discover one night and I immediately text one of my friends about it, then shared on social media. The content I share might not be directly related to my company but it is aligned with it. Usually, when I am not discussing my business, I share business industry related material or how to be a better business person. If you’re a handbag business owner, you can share about other things going on within your specific industry; in this case fashion. Talk about past “it bags”, regard photos, break down designers and more.

Blog Regularly

This is something I’m very adamant about when it comes to running a small business; especially if, your goal is to promote your business without pitching. In the last six months, I have seen cite numbers double almost monthly with new readers. Plus, my loyal readers stayed faithful as always. It’s feel stupendous hearing people say that they read your blog as soon as they wake up. Blogging has built up my expertise in this field. It has yielded me a plethora of new eBook sales ($10K Digital Sales With A Small Audience) and consultants. Even consultants from major companies. Yes, IC’s blog post can be very wordy at times. Yours can be around 300 words a post and that’s perfect for starting out. When there is a post you are really passionate about you can make it longer or turn it into a series.

Too many people are afraid to share their business with others. When someone ask me what I do, I explain exactly what I do and what my future plans are. The most generic thing I could say is that I’m really passionate about educating and helping women business owners.

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