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Seven Awesome Call To Action Banners For Websites

We are less than a week away from a new month. That means new call to action banners need to be ready to go up; to help guide customers as they land on your site. Creating call-to-action banners for your website is easy then ever with tools such as; Canva or Creative market. I am showing seven awesome call-to-action banners for your website to help you direct your customer to the sale.

If you have been struggling with ideas, fear not, for today, we will discuss 7 awesome call-to-action banners for your website.

New Merchandise

new merchandise call to action banner

Every month your company should be introducing new merchandise to its audience. Even if you only have five products, introduce new sizes or styles to the basic items. Customers want to shop for new pieces, not the same old pieces unless they’re on sale. Make sure when you are shooting product photos to do individual or group product shots. This will help you create banners for the month. You can use that imagery on social media, as well.

Sale or Clearance

Clearance and Sale call to action banner

As I stated above, consumers tend only to buy items when they are new or new. If I am a store customer and have seen the same item may be five to seven times, I am more than ready to see it in your sale or clearance section. I believe markdowns should happen every 45-90 days. Move that merchandise! Have your sales items start at 15% off and go upward from there. Once you have pieces that are 75% or more off, remove them from the site. You can use them for vending events or grab bags.

Deals & Steals

deals and steals call to action banner

This is different from your everyday sale or clearance section. A plethora of businesses is now having online happy hours or flash sales. This is where this call-to-action banner comes into play. Say there is a surplus of necklaces in stock that you are trying to move. Alert your customers to a BOGO deal or up to 30% off all necklace flash sales. Another good deal section to have would be “all items under” a specific amount.

Specific call to action banners that small business can use to grow their companies. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #entrepreneur

Holiday Banners

Holiday call to action banner

I believe the only month without a specific holiday in August. You can create several banners solely to promote holiday sales 11 months out of the year. Father’s day just passed. In July, you have the 4th of July. Some of the big holiday sales happen to be President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, in my opinion. However, in “Monthly Focus Guide,” I provide you with several to use. Also, note that the consumer can get this item before the actual day of the event.

Shopping The Lookbook

Lookbook call to action banner

This is a great one for boutique businesses. Many customers don’t know how to style an outfit on their own. If you create a lookbook of your pieces for every season, it will not only help push product it will cause upsells to occur. They will be able to see how pieces can mix and match. If you are an accessories company, it would be a great idea to partner up with a clothing boutique.

Highlighting Customers

Highlighting customer call to action banner

Who doesn’t love saying that they were featured somewhere? It’s like having your 15 minutes of fame. Big brands and small businesses are already using platforms like Instagram to showcase customers to their audience. However, the really great ones are utilizing their website to highlight their customers. This is a great way to include your audience in your marketing, with their permission, of course.

Productive Focused

Product focused call to action banner

Kate Spade is pretty darn good at curating sales, marketing, and call-to-action banners solely focused on a group of products they want to push. Other companies are picking up on this, too. If you have a bridal collection or a limited group of items, this call-to-action banner style is great for you. You want your audience to hone in on this product alone.

All 7 of these banners can be used throughout the year, and some are capable of being permanent ones that constantly rotate on your site. It’s truly about having eye-catching call-to-action banners that make your audience immediately act. Look at the layers, textures, and colors used in the above banners. It’s more than just a pretty visual. Typography matters when designing, too. If you need help actually designing banners for your site, check out the article, “Designing call to action banners in Picmonkey.” Which can be either a free or low-cost option depending on your budget.

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