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Lessons My Older Brother Taught Me

As a kid growing up in Miami with my family and cousins, I felt like I had more siblings than I actually did. We were extremely close, which helped me truly appreciate having family around. A couple of years later, my dad got stationed in Texas, so we had to move. Our huge family disappeared overnight. We just left…my parents, two siblings, and myself. Most people who follow me on social media are familiar with my sister and niece. However, I have an older brother named Demetrices. We had a many differences when we where teenagers. Over the years, we have both matured and built a better relationship with each other. I am very thankful for him.

Last week, I was in Dallas for client meetings and I stayed at his home. During my couple of days there, he taught me several lessons about business and life. I thought they would be great to share with my audience. 

Everyone Learns Different

This is something I knew but never really thought about until we were discussing the subject matter of spelling words. He was watching video clips on his laptop. If you are familiar with me and my story you know that I am dyslexic. This is something my parents found out when I was in the 4th grade or so. They labeled me “special”. I didn’t learn English and History with the other students. It was more of a hindrance to me, separating me from my peers, instead of, challenging me to push myself harder. They baby-ed me. Which most schools still do. As my brother was talking, he reminded me when you are working with your audience its important to learn how they learn. You teach how they learn, not teach them how you learn. You will connect with them deeper, if you are considerate to their style of learning.

Focus On Your Craft

My brother has an education in health and fitness. No, not the quick online certifications most trainers or wellness coaches take. He earned his Masters and is rather brilliant. Well, all three of us are. He is a personal trainer in the Dallas area. Most trainers just focus on selling more sessions. He focuses on building his knowledge and craft. It’s not just about lifting weights. He practices martial arts, as well as, he is constantly learning the latest techniques in his industry. He is not easily distracted. He wants to make sure the information he is giving his audience and clients is correct, and most importantly benefits them.

Education Is A Tool

My mother is a brilliant women. Super brilliant in my eyes, and she made sure that me and my 2 siblings were too. In addition, to that fact my father pushed education. You couldn’t escape education in my household. I made it to the second round of Teen Jeopardy try outs. When my brother gets off the clock he listens to podcast, reads blog post, and much more. Being in the fitness industry is not just about the latest craze. It’s about being knowledgeable. That reigns true for any industry. This past year he was learning how he could be a better track and field coach. Strive for greatness.

Sharing 5 lessons my brother taught me about running a small business

Manage Your Stress In A Healthy Way

Most people don’t know how to manage their anger. You can see it all over them when things happen or shake them. This is something everyone has to learn to deal with; especially as a business owner. Customers and clients will annoy you and cause you to go on an emotional roller coaster. How you handle it says a lot about you. My brother channels his stress by playing video games. I know guys who play video games just because. He uses this as a tool to channel his stress from training.

Family Matters

As stated earlier, growing up in Miami really did make it feel like we had a billion siblings. There was always someone there if you didn’t want to hang out with your own siblings. I still see, my cousin Brian and cousin Stephen, as older brothers to me not just as cousins. Family matters to my brother. He cherishes being the older, wiser, and “I can beat you at Mortal Kombat” brother. The first night I was in town I came home with a headache. He immediately asked me what I ate that day, plus my water intake. Furthermore, before I even arrived he went grocery shopping; buying kale, gluten-free breakfast foods, and more. My brother’s way of showing he cares is by making sure my body is okay. I never understood before. It use to annoy me. Now I realize this is how he shows he cares for me.

My brother taught me some amazing lessons in a short period of time. I shared insight about business but he ultimately taught me more when I was there. I’m very thankful our relationship has grown even more so as we have become adults. Has your family taught you any lessons regarding business?

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