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3 Ways To Improve Your Website

As small business owners we get caught up in so many elements of running our business, that we tend to forget to fine tune our websites after they have been launched. This is a common mistake that millions of people make. They launch and obliviously neglect regularly updating their website. We aren’t talking about re-branding but simply improving the conversion rate and search engine optimization.

Update Existing Pages

Chances are when you launched a year or five years ago you were in a different state of mind, as you were when you designed the content on the site, like your About Page. In addition to, several other things should have changed since your company has grown. Spending time updating your company’s About Page, Frequently Asked Questions, Privacy Policy, and other page sections goes along way. Input new information. For instance, if your company was first established in DC and you’re now operating out of Atlanta, Georgia that information needs to updated. Especially, if you’re now collecting taxes in Georgia.

Add Fresh Content + Visuals

Everyone is blogging even small businesses. Adding fresh content to your blog on a weekly basis is a great way to improve your website content and SEO. One of the things, I suggest to clients is that they pick a schedule for adding blog content to their site. As a small business owner, you are already overrun with running your business. Writing content that engages your audience can be daunting. In addition, if you have been blogging for a while chances are your graphic skills have grown. Even, if they haven’t, hire a graphic designer to design new visuals. Making sure you have a minimum of two visuals per post. Especially, one that is vertical for pinning purposes.

Three quick and simple things you can do to update your company website today

Integrate Newsletter Opt-in Option

This is one I am shocked by. Most shopping carts such as Bigcommerce and Squarespace come with an option to automatically add a newsletter to their website when designing. All you need to do is tie your API Key or simply just input your login information. Email marketing is not dead nor is it something that is going away. It’s actually a missed marketing tool for the new small business owners. Studies have shown, having an opt-in bar above the fold accumulates for a higher sign-up rate than the footer. In addition, you can use pop up opt-in messages which are extremely popular. However, be very careful, nothing makes a consumer run for the hills faster than pop ups repeatedly and constantly showing up within 15 seconds of landing on a site. Be strategic and give your consumer or blog reader time to check the site before you ask for their email address.

Bonus tip: If you want to increase your company’s email list offer a deal or eBook for subscribing. Psychological studies have shown that people love to be rewarded for doing something. Trigger + reward.

Three simple ways to improve your current website, to help increase conversion rate and much more. What can you do today with this insight to help your company’s website so it can optimize to its full potential?

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