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Printing Options For Small Businesses

In the Branding For Success eBook, I touched a little on the importance of printing options for small businesses. Most people don’t think about all the things you will need when tying the brand together as a finished package. Which is truly understandable. There are so many elements to business that are not in books. I am here to help you learn about the unwritten rules and guide you throughout your process of launching your own business.

We have talked about business cards here before and the importance of them. However, I want to focus on finding companies that can handle all your printing needs verses outsourcing to a multitude of companies.

Deluxe Printing 

Deluxe Printing

Deluxe Printing is a company that I have used the last two years of running my online business. I discovered them when I was in a small business twitter chat. I won a gift card to use at their company and let me tell you their customer service was impeccable; which is why I recommend them. You all know I praise great customer service. One of the downsides for me was uploading of graphics. At that time I wasn’t graphically tech savvy, so I would send in low resolution graphics that look great on my screen. However, when you shrink them for business cards or blow them up for banners it’s another story. Also, I might be the only one but I prefer paying for my stuff now verses later. They bill you after your order is shipped and you are charged a fee to use a credit card.

They can also help you with email marketing, business checks & letterhead, social media as well as much more.

123 Print

123 Print

I recently started using this company to print off my business cards as well as other materials. Just like Deluxe Printing, they have amazing customer service. I was still having issues with low and high-resolution graphic designs. Their staff walked me through it step by step on how to fix it. They even uploaded the graphics to their database so I could order them immediately. That’s what I call extraordinary customer service. They offer a plethora of coupons and discounts if you sign up for their newsletter. I believe I saved 20% off my first order. We know how saving and earning more money for your business is essential.

Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints

Many bloggers are very familiar with Tiny Prints and what they offer for Christmas cards, photo books, or anything of that nature. Recently, a business associate of mines was raving to me about how great the company is when it comes to quality and turn around time. She stated most orders if placed before a certain time can ship out that very same day, arriving to you in less than a week. This is a really great customer advantage if you are having an event that coming weekend. For my business and personal needs they have been a great place to source gifts for clients to, such as mugs with clients logos, stationery, even cool pillows for their office.

Also, note the company includes Shutterfly, Wedding Planning Diva, Treat, BorrowLenses and This Life.

All three of the aforementioned companies are great resources for your small business. They are primarily focused on serving small to mid size companies. We are going to go in-depth in a three-part series geared towards what you will need to order from these companies so your business can thrive in your market place. One thing I do love is working with companies whose sole focus is to make you look good which in turn helps your company grow. Your customers and clients will assume that your company is more than just you. They will believe you have a team behind you.

Have you heard of any of these companies? If so, which ones and which ones are you going to use for your printing needs?

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