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5 Local Resources For Business

Now more so than ever, people have been putting a tremendous amount of emphasis on how the best way to grow your business is by advertising online to a global market. Scaling your business is amazing for when your company gets there, however growing your business locally is even better. There is a high magnitude of local resources for the small business owners if they learn to focus on their local demographic first. 

Living in a relatively small town, I know the woes that can form in your mind. In addition to starting my business in a major city (Dallas); I was overwhelmed by the plethora of resources I didn’t know where to start. Here is a comprehensive list of resources I’ve created to help your small business.

Chamber of Commerce

Most cities no matter the size have a local chamber of commerce that you can join. In large metroplexes they are based on ethnicity. {African American, Hispanic, Asian and more} As mention in the article linked above there are several benefits from becoming a member. Recently, after talking with local chamber members they urged me to run for a city council position. Stating, that a young driven woman is exactly what our city needs to thrive. Chamber members are very supportive of each other. A built in network of referrals. In addition, they host amazing workshops and much more. Last year I attended an event at Google thanks to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Business Development Center

The SBDC provides a variety of assistance to small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. This is a really great resource for the person just starting out. The individuals at these centers are very knowledgeable and link you up with amazing mentors. 

SBDC’s provide services through professional business advisors that can help with: development of business plans; manufacturing assistance; financial packaging and lending assistance; exporting and importing support; disaster recovery assistance; procurement and contracting aid; market research services; aid to 8(a) firms in all stages; and healthcare information.

Local Library

So many people are surprised that I spent a vast amount of my time at the library when I first launched my business. Outside of the books, they offer a variety of city sponsored classes during the week and on the weekend. These local service based classes are offered to business owners for free or a small fee. When I lived in Atlanta I attended several social media and marketing classes that proved to be extremely helpful. You can find information posted at your local library or on eventbrite or meetup.com


Is there a company solely focused on helping new business owners grow their companies through mentorship, classes and programs? They tend to be in bigger cities for example in Texas they have locations in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. SCORE has volunteers working to help you in all areas. When I first started out and needed help with accounting, I attended a workshop by a veteran CPA in the community. In addition to attending the workshop, I was able to have a one on one consultation with him to get a better understanding of my business numbers. They are very vocal on social media, as well as, they’re always sharing great articles, hosting twitter chats, and more.

Community College/ Universities

If you live in a town with a community college or university you are in luck. They have a wide range of opportunities to help you; business development centers to pitch competitions. There are days I wished that I was more focused on launching my own business in college than doing whatever I was doing. Colleges that have business schools are a great places to network, meet co-founders and barter for your business. On top of getting to hear successful people speak. There were numerous times I would go to SMU to hear people speak at their business school. They are generally open to the public. You might even have a chance to meet Colin Powell and ask him questions.

Every one of these resources are great for your small business. They all focus on different aspects and have their pro’s and con’s. I highly suggest finding out which two or three of the five work for your business and then using all of its advantages to help excel your business.

Are you familiar with any of these resources on the list? Which one(s) peeks your interest more & what can you do today to help your small business succeed?

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