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Cultivating Healthy Relationships With Bankers

There is something about walking into the bank and being greeted by my first name. There was a point in time I only received a Hello. No eye contact or anything just the standard hello welcome to bank of america. I never really thought nothing of this until I launched my business. When I first launched my business I was using Citibank to handle business and personal. They are amazing and truly taught me what it means for a banker to care. However since moving I switched banks because there are no Citi’s in my town. 

Almost two years ago I walked into Bank of America waiting to be seen by a banker. I was introduced Nicole. The lady told me she would help me with all my needs. She was not lying. Nicole became my allie when it came to banking. A couple weeks ago, I walked into the bank and I was greater by the Manager, tellers, and Liz my new account specialist since Nicole has been promoted to Assistant Manager. Everyone in the bank knows my name, my business and what my finical goals are.

Honestly, never thought a bank could be this darn amazing when it comes to personal and business banking. We all have heard the horrid stories. Instead, I am telling you the story of how you and your small business need your bank behind you in this journey.

Finding Your Bank Home

I have banked with numerous banks over the years. Bank of America was my second bank I used after starting college. Killeen at the time only really had First National and living in Houston, First Nationals were scarest. So, I went into Bank of America and opened an account. It was out of convince to the fact they were less than 10 minutes from my apartments at Texas Southern. Finding a bank home is really important. I did not realize at 18 the importance of this nature. Now, I really do. When you go into a bank you need to feel that they care and you are not just a walking dollar sign that they can have you sign up for all their programs.

Research Banks

Ask your friends who they do business banking with. Get their honest feedback, but make sure they actually have a relationship with a banker verse just going in here and there. That sets the tone in my opinion. Next, go online. Compare all your needs with the various banks. Trust I was trying to hold onto Citi for dear life because how much I loved using them. I went online and wrote down all the things Citi had that I need another bank to have in close proximity to me.

Talk With A Banker

Don’t just had a bank money to manage for you based off what your friends said or what online reviews said. Go in make an appointment to talk with a banker. I am going to be completely honest. When I sat down with Nicole I told her ALL my dreams, goals and aspirations. If she hadn’t been team Tasha I would’ve walked out the door. She was very sweet and she help me create a game plan. Even talking to me about retirement. Most banks don’t even think to discuss retirement with someone my age that has a small business.

Don’t Be Pressured

You do not have to commit to a bank right away. After your meeting write the pro’s and con’s of the experience you received at each location. Remember you are going to be spending time with these individuals. Literally when I need some paperwork done and I was talking to Scott he said Tasha take your time, no rush do it on your time. He was not forcing me. I have been in too many banks where they want you to sign up for everything now. You don’t have to.

Personally, I believe having a bank that supports my ambitions as a small business owner is essential in my success. Everyone at my local Bank of America is super supportive. When I paid off one of my debts I got a round of high fives. You can have this type of relationships too. Go in and get to know your bank and bankers.

Perfect example to end with. Something happen to my account some time over Christmas. You know all that fraud stuff that was occurring. I called Nicole and told her. She fixed my account while on the phone! Most banks want you to come in. She handle it all for me without needing me to be there. Amazing customer service.

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