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What’s In Your Bag: Renae Bluitt

1. Metro Card  2. iPhone  3. Car Keys  4. Jo Malone cologne 5. iphone charger  6. iPad   7. MAC Studio Fix 8. Wallet  9. Revlon nail polish in “Posh” 10. Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil  11. MAC Lustre lipstick in “Naked Bud” 12. Notebook

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

On a personal level, my biggest accomplishment to date has been embracing vulnerability. In order to be vulnerable, you have to be okay with all of you because it’s not just about showing the parts that are shiny, pretty and fun. It’s about revealing what you deny or keep hidden from other people. By revealing our authentic selves, we run the risk of being misunderstood, labeled or worst of all, rejected. Letting go of that fear is empowering because, what makes us vulnerable is also what makes us beautiful. 

Professionally, my biggest accomplishment has been leaving the comforts of my 9-5 job to launch my PR consultancy – Crush Media and my blog, In Her Shoes. Working for myself gives me the freedom to hand pick the clients I want to work with and the brands I represent. In Her Shoes is like the gift that keeps on giving. I’m truly inspired by each and every woman featured on the blog and by sharing their stories. These women serve as examples of the greatness that can be achieved when you focus on your goals. With so many undesirable images of black women in the media, I’m honored to have an opportunity to show the world that we are brilliant, multifaceted and unstoppable. The sky is NOT our limit.

What are three books you would recommend to our readers?

1. The Happiness Project: Gretchen Rubin

2. Thirty-Day Mental Diet: Willis Kinnear

3. The Heart of the 5 Love Languages : Dr. Gary Chapman

What’s your advice to someone interested in starting their own business?

Do your homework. Know your industry inside out. Connect with a mentor. Be honest with yourself about the sacrifices you’re willing to invest to keep your business afloat, because the highs and lows of entrepreneurship aren’t for everyone.What's In Your Bag Renae's Phillip Lim bag

Where do you receive inspiration?

I’m inspired by people that challenge conventional thinking. I’m inspired when I travel to different countries and see how other cultures live. I’m inspired when I step out of my comfort zone. Lastly, I’m inspired by Brooklyn and the many creative geniuses, past and present, that call this borough home- while setting trends across the globe.

If you could have one famous entrepreneur as your mentor who would it be?

Oprah, of course.

Do you feel your life is balanced between work life and personal life?

Not really, but it’s not a bad thing. No week, month or year is the same as an entrepreneur so this response will always be subject to change.

What is your favorite thing about running your own business?

The freedom to work from wherever I choose to. I can be at my desk, in my bed or at the beach. As long as I have WiFi and my laptop and/or iPad on hand, it’s business as usual and I’m good to go.


What is your indispensable gadget?


What is your favorite app?

Seamless. There’s nothing more convenient than having countless restaurants in your neighborhood right at your fingertips!

Favorite account to follow on Twitter?

To be honest, I no longer have a favorite because I don’t spend nearly as much time on Twitter as I used to. Instagram swooped in a couple years and totally stole my heart.

Favorite item in your closet?

A camel, wool pea-coat that my grandmother handed down to me before she passed away. It fits like a glove and is a classic silhouette. The sentimental value this piece holds is unrivaled.

To learn more about Renae and her company Crush Media & blog In Her Shoes, follow her on Twitter and of course Instagram

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