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SEO popularity is one of the major factors that help search engines rank your website. The greater your site’s popularity, the higher your site will rank on search engines. It may seem hard to play a vital role in gaining popularity. However, if done properly, popularity can be earned. Some people will say that you should join a directory or pay for social media likes and views, but there is actually an easy way to gain popularity without using any black-hat techniques.

According to Danny Dover’s 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors, there are a TON of ways to boost your popularity. He used a complicated algorithm to test how powerful each of the different ways is. I will simply highlight what I find most important for building popularity. Most of it has to do with social media. Social media is something that everybody says small business owners must do. But, if done improperly, social media can hurt you. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t believe in the phrase, “any publicity is good publicity.”


Post 1-3 Facebook posts per day. If you post more than 3 posts, people will get tired of you. They might delete you, stop following you, or ignore you completely. Don’t post a 5 paragraph essay. Keep your statuses to the point. Use pictures, people hate reading a lot and if there is a picture they are sure to click on your site or article. Here is the important part: You want your friends to share you. They should find your status so inviting that they will share your link to their circle of friends.

Some helpful tips:

1. Cool language. Use catchy verbs, fun-trendy sayings, or something funny.

2. Use spell check on social media. Copy and paste your post to word and make sure there are no red squiggles.

3. Keep your hashtags to a minimum and use them properly. Read our post on Hashtags.


Twitter has similar features to Facebook because it is an open forum. An open forum is a place where people can post links to information or websites for their friends to access straight from Twitter. Reddit is another open forum site. Use the same rules I mentioned above in the Facebook post. The difference in Twitter is that it is much easier to retweet links, but there is less space to get someone intrigued.

Some helpful tips:

1. Tweet 4-7 times a day. People don’t get as annoyed on Twitter because it’s easy to scroll through.

2. Quote your article with the most shocking thing you’ve said. Make it brash or controversial.

3. Spelling errors count here but there are ways to shorten your words using text-talk or abbreviations.


Pinterest has become a new IC favorite. It’s so fun and easy to use that people re-pin things much faster than they do on Facebook or Twitter. People will look through the lists of Pins and post whatever looks pretty, without batting an eye. This is great for you because it’s an easy way to build popularity. Each time your business gets pinned, Google is sent a message that your website is on and poppin’.

Some helpful tips:

1. Write a quote against a cute pop-of-color background and pin it to your site.

2. Take a picture of your product and pin it to your site.

3. Make sure all your pins link back to your website.

Remember, this post is supposed to show you one factor in boosting search ranking: popularity. Popularity boils down to how many people link your site or blog articles. In order to build up your popularity, use social media to the best of your ability. Stay tuned to next week’s article on the other factor in boosting search ranking: relevance.

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