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There are millions of people trying their hand at the blogging world and that number is growing more and more every day. This means, as a business owner, you should be blogging just as much as everybody else in order to stay in the game. Some business owners, and you might be one of them, think that there just isn’t anything to blog about. However, in the same way that there are different niches, like lifestyle or fashion blogs, there is a niche just for you: business blogging!

The small business owner is part of a bigger industry (all of business), but you have a unique voice because you are from the small business niche. You can use your business blog as a platform to build your brand while talking about your small business. This is a part of blogging that desperately needs attention for other small business owners. Tell your story, and you will be seen as a resource to the community. Here are three things you can start blogging about now:

Tell Your Story

You didn’t become a small business owner out of nowhere. A lot of time went into the development of your business. Even making the decision to start a business is a huge leap of faith. Create a series based on your story. The humble and vulnerable nature of this type of series gives your business a more human feel. People connect more when they can put a face or person behind a company. Weekly or monthly, share tidbits about how your business started, and how you can empathize with other startups. Give them the insight on why you started this journey into entrepreneurial life. Create a series out of your story.

Become the Source

You started a business based on passion and the desire to change your particular industry. Now, it’s time to share that knowledge with others. I know you are weary of sharing trade secrets because nobody will purchase your products or services, but that is a popular yet false belief. People are constantly seeking out information from individuals who have specialized and credible knowledge. For instance, Martha Stewart shares free information daily, but people still buy her books, magazines and products—continuing to use her for guidance. When people provide you with free information, you are more likely to spend money with them because you have built trust and see them as reliable insiders.

Behind the Scenes

As in the last point, showing your readers a behind-the-scenes peak of your business will help your readers connect with you on a deeper level. In 2013, we are striving for an instantaneous world with our use of technology, but there are some things that cannot be instantaneous. Don’t try to appear like you have everything under control, rush your content, and kill yourself trying to make perfection happen instantly. For instance, there is no way you can shoot your companies look book or catalog in a day AND have it uploaded to your site. Waiting until you can have an amazing shoot that is ready for your site’s debut is vital. If you’re feeling like you need something on your site, show your readers and customers a sneak peek of the lookbook with videos and blog updates. Show them all aspects of your business that just didn’t go right, and make them an insider.

Use these three tips to help you get into the business blogging world. If you are currently blogging for your business what tips would you share with newbies?


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