As a small business owner, there are several items I need to run my business besides my Macbook and iPhone. (Technically, my business could run off of my iPhone alone. Technology is love.) I recently had a “wake up call conversation” on Instagram, and several members of my IG family pointed out they did not have knowledge of certain equipment needed to run a business. So, I want to share with my blog family what those are as well. Here are some of the tools of the trade that I need to run Imperfect Concepts, Blog ICB and ICB Consults:

Nikon DSLR Camera: My store’s photography (minus the store look book) is done with this. My photo quality has improved significantly from when I started. I was HORRIBLE. I’m not lying, I had a satin purple backdrop and my point and shoot camera when I began. Although, I have since grown up. Next year, I will start having models, so that means photo’s. I will still use my Nikon though. I love it very much.

Photo lighting kit: I bought this last year some time. Once again, I used to be a fly-by-night type of business owner that didn’t know any better than to use white flat sheets pinned to my wall. I can laugh about all this as I look back because it helps me run a better business. I bought this kit from Cowboy Studio’s on Amazon, and I love it. Plus, it’s a steal.

If you want to buy things separately:

Background System: Photography Backdrop Supporting System

Paper Background:Background Paper

Small Lighting Kit: Lighting Kit Set Photo Studio Light Box

Photography Clamps:CowboyStudio 6 PCS Black Clamps

Those are the three things I need to run my business. They are very inexpensive. If you can not afford them always search Pinterest for DIY ones. They have ones on lighting kits, backdrops and more. This post includes affiliate links to Amazon which I will receive a small commission on sales generated by your purchases.

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