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Best Freelance Website: Fiverr

I have a secret I want to share with you. Are you ready? The best freelancing website out there is Fiverr and here’s why:

Outsourcing has become a lifesaver for me. There is a new online outsourcing community that has saved my life on numerous occasions. They are called Fiverr, and what Fiverr does is facilitate an online community full of talented freelancers. Upon signing up, you will be connected to millions of freelancers that can help you do whatever you need for your business or personal life. Fiverr is my favorite freelance outsourcing community.

I stumbled on Fiverr by chance just last year. I was being nosy on twitter, and I read a group of people’s tweet conversation. Some of my favorite twitter users were debating the best online freelance communities, and then they continued to list several sites I knew about but wasn’t fond of. When I was about to move onward on my eavesdropping venture, one of the tweeters said they saw something on CNN about a site called Fiverr where you could get a project done for only $5. This peeked my interest.

Yes, you read that right. One Lincoln can cross something off your business or personal to-do list. While not all projects are $5, they start there and go up. Never fear, I have had several $5 projects (I have also had up to $40 projects, but that’s neither here nor there). Let me remind you that this is much less than finding people on your own, especially when you find yourself in a bind.

Here are a couple things I completed thanks to Fiverr:

ICB Fiverr Newsletter Design



bloggers-in-camo banner

ICB facebook banner

This guy, Pavithra 1984 did the above images plus several others. Including all the banners on my site and social media.

ICB Christmas

Bambi115 created the above Happy Holidays image for me.

Graphics Girl

Fuchsia_mea create this image along with three others for my ebooks that are launching later this week.

I have received things that range from basic html coding, retouching and even t-shirt design. Clearly, everything I outsource is something I cannot do myself. This site is great for small business owners and entrepreneurs who can’t do it all (show me the person who can [they don’t exist]) The best thing about this site is, unlike others, it’s not just for the graphic freelancers. If you can provide a service, you can be a seller on Fiverr. This site is great for people like me, but it’s also great for freelancers who want to build their portfolio. You’re getting help while giving help.

Have you used Fiverr? What are your thoughts on the company and other freelance websites?

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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