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Write it Down, Make it Happen

Write It Down, Make It Happen was the perfect book to read after reading Every Day A Friday. One of the things mentioned at the end of Every Day a Friday, was that he kept a compliment folder. He started it when he first took over his father’s church. Henriette, within her first chapters, talks about how she has a compliment file too! They both complimented each other so well, that I deem them both must-reads. 

Once again, Write it Down, Make it Happen,  was another book that has been resting quietly on my book shelf. My library is rather full because I just keep buying books. I scored this one at Half Price Books Store for a dollar.  Amazon sold it for a penny + shipping. There are 20 chapters in the book, so I broke it down to roughly 3 chapters a day spread over a week of reading. I am learning not to rush through books like I used to (I had a bad habit of finishing books in a day).

Write It Down, Make It Happen started the wheels in my mind running. Whats funny is right before I cracked open this book, I ripped down my two separate goal lists for the year. My heart wasn’t in them anymore. In the first chapter, Henriette Klauser tells you to get in your space and write down all the things you want to achieve. So, I played Hillsong Pandora Station and lit some candles, and wrote down 35 goals for my life. Some are small and others seem pretty huge right now. Then I remember that, what is huge to me is tiny to God.

Overall, this a great book that helps you focus on how important it is to write your thoughts, ideas and feelings down so you can visualize them. So many times we picture how we want something, but we never take the time to actually write it out and make a plan to achieve it. I have used a life coach in the past, and that has helped too. She is amazing individual and can help you achieve your dreams. I am just now understanding why she told me I need a gratitude journal, a financial journal, a vision book and more. It has made a world of difference in my life.

I highly suggest checking  Write it Down, Make it Happen from your public library or scoring it on Amazon for a penny. Either way when the time is right for you to read it I know it will have an impact on your life.

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