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When people tell me that they run a business, the first thing I do is Google them to find their site. Your site is a key component in your business. If you run a business, having a website is a must-have in the technology based world we live in. Consumers are shopping more and more on the internet and on their mobile devices. There are some businesses that are still in the dark ages who think they don’t need a website or to use social media, but they’re wrong. Potential and current customers need a means to connect with you. Being that Imperfect Concepts is an online boutique, my only choice is to have a website.

In the last year or so since I have been on the pursuit of shopping small, I have noticed a high percentage of small businesses that don’t have a fully functional website. Rather, their site is all over the place. One of the first things about your website should’t be a video of Beyonce singing Halo, especially if you’re not a music site. Wix is not a suitable website either. At the start-up of your business, spend the extra time and customize your site!

Jcrew homepage landing page graphic

Landing Page (Homepage): This is the first thing your consumer sees, and it should give them an immediate call to action. This is for people to shop your merchandise or purchase a service that you offer. Grab your potential customer’s attention within the first 90 seconds of visiting your site. Individual’s cognitive time spans are short, and they will move on quickly. Direct them to a purchase or a promotion that’s going on. As you can see on Jcrew’s website, they grab their potential customers attention by focusing on travel or the art of packing. Even if you’re not going on any upcoming trips, it starts the wheels turning on planning your next trip. The colors are vibrant and they use fun layering techniques.

Jen Ramos has a great contact Page. She list a number and two email options.

Jen Ramos has a great contact page. She lists a number and two email options.

Contact Page: Your contact page is where your potential or current clients can reach you. Too many sites just have a blank contact form. What if your form is broken and you don’t even know it? Then, customers can’t reach you. On your contact page list a contact email individuals can reach you at. It is also great to have a phone number listed. If you do not want to give out your number, you can sign up for a free Google Voice. It’s also great to be creative. On my site I have a form, contact email, and phone number.

Imperfect Concepts About Us Page

Imperfect Concepts About Us Page

About Page: Your company’s “about us” page tells the customer/client about you and your company. Tell them your story (as the owner), and of the brand itself. As of lately, I have been looking at various websites to learn how to do the about page and I hardly learn anything. Customers want to know who they are planning on working with, plus spending money on. Do you do business with people you know nothing about? I suspect you don’t.  Remember, it takes a potential client/customer 7 touches before they shop. Let them get to know you, so they can trust you and your brand.

FAQ Page

FAQ: Having a “customer service” or “Frequently Asked Question” page on your site will help cut down on questions from potential and current customers. On this page, you will provide the answers to daunting questions your potential customers might want answered. You can compile a list by thinking of questions you might ask businesses you shop at, you can poll your friends, or check other sites similar to yours to see what they wrote. Be very clear and direct with all the information you provide on this page.

Easy Nagivation Bar

Easy Navigation: How many times have you personally gone on a website and searched just to find a particular page or item, and found it frustrating because the item you were looking for isn’t there? If you want easy navigation, so do your customers when they visit your site. Have a tool bar across the top of your site. Also, a site map can help customers find information easily too.

These are all basic points that all websites should have. A blog, social media or twitter feed are also beneficial pages to have on your site. Give your potential customers a chance to learn more about you and your company. Most importantly, invest in your website design. Web design can start at $350 and up, so research the best designer for your company.

Carl of Branding Parlor and Dionna Doresy Designs are great website designers to look up. I will discuss how to hire a web designer in another post. Just remember that hiring a designer is a process and you want to work with the right person. There needs to be connection or it’s going to be an aggravated journey together. Trust me, I know first hand.

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